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Power Flour

Make Any Baking Recipe, A Protein-Packed One

Since December 2021, I have been making recipes that turn people's favorite foods into low-calorie and high-protein recipes that you can enjoy while being health-conscious, lose fat, and gain muscle. I always wondered why there wasn't a great substitute for flour to take baking to the next level. I was done looking and decided to dedicate months to crafting the perfect blend that gives all the texture and taste of regular baking flour... but with 6x the protein and 1/3 the carbs. Power Flour is here!

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Join Power Flour on a Journey

Get out there and start making pizza, doughnuts, pumpkin loaf, muffins, pancakes, whatever you love that involves flour and substitue it with Power Flour to get your protein intake up in an exciting and delicious way!

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